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Daring Dragon Sewing Pattern (PDF)

Image of Daring Dragon Sewing Pattern (PDF)


Complete, full-size pattern and detailed instructions for sewing your own Daring Dragon soft toy.

Have you ever been afraid of the dark; of critters under your bed, squeaking stairs and shadows on the wall ? Did you ever suspect that this so-called scary creatures aren't that scary after all? Nosey Nest presents the first in a downloadable soft toy pattern series about children's fears.

When a small baby dragon discovers how to spit fire,
breathing massive flames will be his one and only desire.
So to prevent the little hothead from wrecking their place,
his dear dragon daddy lets him practice on the staircase.
Therefore if you hear the sound of squeaking stairs late at night,
know it's a dragon fighting an imaginary knight.

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All Nosey Nest patterns include:
* Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in English.
* Color photographs illustrating each step.
* Full-size pattern pieces.

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